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Well, that went smoothly. Sky thought to herself as they walked back to Sky's house; Sky's parents were also out for the night.

The next morning Sky woke up and saw a note on her bedside table.
The hell?
She rubbed her eyes to see if it would disappear; it did no such thing. She wondered how it got there, did her parents put it there? Did Carma place it there before she left? Sky opened the envelope  and there was a letter inside; typed of course. It read:
Hello Sky,
Don't panic; but I know where you live now.
I just wanted to say, when you meet me again, please, don't be scared. But bring your friend Carma along with you ok?
Thanks sweetheart,
"Holy crap!" Sky said to herself "And why does he call me Sweetheart?" Sky was sitting on her bed starring at the letter like it had just killed a plane full of passengers.
Sky got ready for school, had breakfast and then left for school. She met up with Carma and pulled her to the side to talk about the letter and Gilbert meeting her yesterday.
"Oh my god!" Carma exclaimed "How did he find out where you lived?"
"I dunno, maybe he never left, maybe he followed me home" Sky guessed.
"Are you gonna tell Mimi and Ivy?" Carma asked; she called Michael Mimi and Ivan Ivy for some reason. Sky thought it was funny though.
"Should I?" Sky asked.
"Well, I wouldn't, but I'm not you and you are a goody two shoes" Car said.
"Well, he knows where I live so I should probably tell them, because he did mention Michael and the RM" Sky explained.
"RM?" Car asked.
" RM; Russian Mafia, Gilbert said it, not me" Sky said. " And the worst thing is he said thanks sweetheart at the end of his letter! Who calls some chick they just met sweetheart?" Sky asked.
"Gilly does" car winked when she said that. Sky rolled her eyes.
That afternoon they met Michael and Ivan at the park again; they gave them their valuables from the robbery, the family was returning today.
"And uh, Mich, do you know anyone from the Red Mafia?" Sky asked after they had got their money from the job.
"I know of the Red Mafia, but I don't know who's in the Red Mafia, why?" Michael answered.
"Ok, well the boss was here yesterday and he asked for me, at first I didn't give him my name but I did in the end. He asked about you and he knew I joined the RM. Then in the morning I found a letter on my bedside table from him; he found out where I lived and he now knows about Carma" Sky said that really fast, she thought she might have to repeat it slower for them; but she saw on their faces that they registered everything she'd said.
"Damn, What was his name?" Michael asked Sky.
"Uh, Gilbert" Sky answered.
"Gilbert…" Ivan mumbled. "Gilbert, the name sort of rings a bell"
"I once knew a Gilbert; his father was killed by another mafia in LA, he swore that he would get revenge and do anything to get it" Michael said.
They continued this topic until it was almost sunset. Sky and Carma were walking back to Sky's house when Sky saw a familiar black van parked near her house, she grabbed Carma and hid behind a small hill.
"What the hell, Sky?" Carma said rather loudly.
"He's here" sky pointed at the black van and Carma's eyes followed. The black van was idling; he was probably waiting for them to walk by and snatch them up into the van and drive off. Sky immediately dialled Michaels number he had given her for emergencies only; this was an emergency!
"What are you doing, bro?" Car asked.
"I'm calling Michael; I'm sure he'd like to see this dude" Sky said.
Sorry for the late upload; I had a drama concert.

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